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Choosing a Quality Automatic Gate Kit

When you think about your home, you think about an investment. It’s a lot of money that’s sitting on top of that property, and the last thing you want to do is decrease the value. By choosing a quality automatic gate kit, you’ll be increasing the value. This is because gate automation is part of the first impression.

An Automatic Gate is the Perfect First Impression

The first interaction you and everyone else will have with the house starts at the gate. And everyone can agree, when the gate is a tedious task then it can actually prevent you from coming out of the house completely.

With a quality automatic gate kit, and the right gate of course, you can literally increase three things. The first is comfort, obviously. The second thing is safety, which you can’t really put a price on. Last but not least, it boosts the value of your home.

Why Choose a Quality Automatic Gate Kit

As with everything in life, a quality purchase last longer. Now, given that an automatic gate is part of everyday safety and comfort, it has to work when you need it to. Of course there are unforeseen situations, but for the most part gate automation should make your life a lot more convenient, not complicated.

Seeing as the automatic gate has to open and close on a daily basis, it’s best to install a quality kit. Nobody is stopping you from going for the cheapest price, but how much will it cost you in the long run? Neither do you have to go for the highest priced kit, because there are several decent models at reasonable prices.

Don’t let money be the dictating factor when it comes to your safety, comfort and investment. Instead, do some research and read some reviews before making your purchase. ony

We only supply the highest quality KINGgate brand of gate automation equipment, so you can rest assured in a quality, Italian made reliable, long lasting and stylish product.

Check out our range of sliding gate kits HERE.

And feel free to contact us for any pre-sales questions or instillation advice and technical support.

star g8

Introducing the STAR G8 Control Panel


Electronics for one or two 24 Vdc and 230 Vac motors

1 control unit 24 Vdc and 1 control unit 230 Vac, for all gate motors. STARG8 control units radically simplify the installer’s job, guaranteeing high levels
of performance in terms of safety, time and speed.

A single programming method speeds up the activation of the automatic devices and managing maintenance operations becomes simple and practical.
Practical regulation using trimmers, self-learning gate travel programming using a single key, diagnostic LEDs and dip-switches for setting operating modes.

Plastic cover with explanatory labels and spare fuses. Management of slow-down options, speed regulation and obstacle control in all versions.

Control Panel

Open-Pause-Close mode
Step-Step mode
Automatic Closing
Pedestrian Opening
Fast closing
Slow opening
Slow closing
Safety device test
Gate status indicator light
Flashing light management
Opening phase safety device
Closing phase safety device
Programmable pause time
Speed setting *
Thrust force setting
Obstacle threshold regulation
Delay between doors regulation
Integrated radio receiver
Pedestrian control via radio and wired
Start/open/close controls via radio and wired
Wired stop control
Number of radio controls that can be memorized (integrated memory) 170

Simplified motor direction inversion
LED-based diagnostics
Backjump adjustment
Power supply voltage for customized electric lock *
Customizable auxiliary output for electric or magnetic lock
8k2 safety device input with customizable test inputs
Customization of wired inputs as “start/pedestrian” or “open/close”
Inhibition of wired inputs
Protection and blocking of control unit
Energy saving *
Auxiliary output controlled by radio remote
Set up for additional memory

Standard functions
Programming of advanced functions
Installation check-up
Management of periodical
Upload and download
the remotes database

go green

Go Green – Solar Powered Electric Gates

GO Green!

KINGgates are greener than ever!

go green

KING Go Green Photovoltaic solar power kit for 24 V power supply, with battery box.
24 Vdc low voltage technology allows the automatic device to operate even in the absence
of electrical power by using auxiliary batteries.
This ensures electrical safety for the installer and user and improved performance even during black-outs
lasting several hours.


Go Green is the new photovoltaic
solar power kit designed by KINGgates.
It can supply all 24 Vdc products
with STARG8 24 control unit
with no need for mains power.



    Solar Panel Kit

    5.00 out of 5

    Solar Panel Kit for all KINGgates 24v gate systems

    £571.99 ex vat